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The director of Escape from Tarkov promised not to introduce pay-to-win elements into the shooter

On February 12, Battlestate Games released a patch for Escape from Tarkov, with which introduced into the game the ability to buy access to an offline training co-op for real money and expand the space in the cache.


Players greeted the innovation with mixed reactions. Later, studio head and development director Nikita Buyanov came to Reddit to clarify the situation.

The boss of Battlestate Games said that expanding the stash and access to co-op for real money is a necessity, since the Edge of Darkness edition was removed from sale. He added that Escape from Tarkov has already been live for 8 years and earns only from sales.

The game has existed for 8 years without additional sources of profit – you just buy and play. This is a fairly unique situation for a game like Escape from Tarkov .

Buyanov said that for real money, Escape from Tarkov players will be able to buy up to 28 additional cache lines, unlock clothes early on, and gain access to an offline training co-op.

The director of EFT noted that in the future, players will have the option to expand the cache without injecting real money. Gamers will be able to get this option simply by playing the game.


The head of Battlestate Games emphasized that the studio does not plan to add pay-to-win elements to the game. In particular, he mentions the purchase of in-game money, weapons, equipment sets and boosters.


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