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The director of “Prey” will make a new film in the universe of “Predator”

Last week, Deadline reported that 20th Century Studios was preparing a new film based on the Predator universe. It is reported that the film, called Badlands, will be written and directed by Dan Trachtenberg, director of Extraction and 10 Cloverfield Lane.


Filming is expected to begin before the end of the year. The media writes that the executive producers and Trachtenberg himself are already actively looking for an actor for the main role. According to THR, Badlands will not be a sequel to Extraction.

The plot will tell about a clash with a predator in the future, and the main character, as in “Prey,” will again be a woman. The sequel to “Prey”, by the way, is also in the works. Production is early, but Amber Midthunder is set to reprise her role.

“Prey” was released straight to Hulu streaming in 2022, collecting record views and high audience ratings. It is unknown in what format Badlands will be released. The film will probably be released in theaters first this time.


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