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The director of “The Poor Miserables” will direct a remake of the Korean film “Save the Green Planet!”

Variety has learned that Yorgos Lanthimos (The Wretched Ones) has already found his next project. It will be a remake of the 2003 comedy fantasy “Save the Green Planet!”, released by South Korean director Jang Joon-hwan.



Filming will take place in the UK and New York this summer. The upcoming dark comedy is about a young man who takes a businessman hostage. He believes him to be involved in an alien invasion.

Description of the original film “Save the Green Planet!”:



Lee Byung-gu has been caring for his mother, who is in a coma, for five years and trying to find out the reasons for her condition. In the process, he decides that he has uncovered an alien conspiracy aimed at exterminating life on Earth. A few hours before the lunar eclipse, after which events will become irreversible, he must meet with the Prince of Andromeda, reaching him through his earthly agents, led by the sinister Kang Man-shik, who easily endures an electric shock of 300 V and other adversities.


It was originally planned that the script for the remake “Save the Green Planet!” Yorgos Lanthimos will be written by Will Tracy, author of Descendants and Menu. It is unknown whether he is still assigned to the project.

Another Lanthimos film, Kinds of Kindness, will also be released soon. It stars Emma Stone, Margaret Qualley, Willem Dafoe and Joe Alwyn. The film is in post-production.


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