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The excel sign a 14-year-old

The British organization has secured the performance of young Fortnite content creator Jackson “Rezhexx” Bradbury.



In April, aspiring professional gamer and content creator Jackson “Rezhexx” Bradbury participated in the Fortnite tournament at the Insomnia gaming festival, the largest in the UK, playing against Excel player Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman. Esports , British organization. Contrary to expectations, it was Rezhexx himself who dominated the tournament and beat Wolfiez, arousing the interest of Excel in that boy just 14 years old.

The proposal

Today Rezhexx joins Excel as Fortnite content creator, preparing videos with tips, tricks and, of course, the gameplay of his tournaments in which he will compete. Not only that, because Jackson will also have the opportunity to create content about his daily life on the Cornish coast and his other passion in life, surfing. Lover of video games and Fortnite in particular, Rezhexx started creating content during the lockdown caused by the pandemic simply with his mobile phone, initially to stay in touch with his group of friends and share clips also on Instagram. He then started playing Fortnite live on Twitch and the number of his he followers started growing every day.thanks to his fun and engaging personality. Bradbury’s signing is just the latest addition to Excel, including League of Legends caster and content creator Marc Robert “Caedrel” Lamont and variety streamer Leah “Leah” Leahviathan.

The excel sign a 14-year-old

A new home

Freeman Williams, Excel talent manager, commented: “We are thrilled to announce Rezhexx as our new content creator. Hiring Jackson was an easy decision – he’s clearly very adept at Fortnite, constantly looking for content to capture, and all of this is mixed with a sharp attitude, which we love to see. In Excel we want to provide a home for all types of content creators. You can be a micro-influencer or a great creator; it does not matter. All you need to have is a great attitude, a clear path of progression and a personality that matches Excel and our aspirations – and we believe Rezhexx is perfect . “


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