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The festival “Dinosaurs vs. Robots” has begun on Steam

Valve announced the start of another festival on Steam. This time, players will be treated to the “Dinosaurs vs. Robots” event, which will last until March 4th. As always, there are a number of discounts and demo versions of games about dinosaurs and robots.


Interesting discounts:

  • Detroit: Become Human — 520 rubles


  • Ark: Survival Ascended — 2944.50 rubles


  • Terminator: Resistance — 489 rubles


  • The Talos Principle II — 825 rubles


  • The Invincible — 899 rubles


  • MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries — 257 rubles


  • Ultrakill — 616 rubles


  • Battletech — 549 rubles


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