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The film Mickey 17 from the director of “Parasite” will be released in 2025

the sci-fi film Mickey 17 from Parasite director Bong-Joon Ho. Now the film’s worldwide release is scheduled for January 31, 2025, although it was originally supposed to begin on March 29, 2024.



Variety notes that the postponement of Mickey 17 was necessary for the smooth completion of the project – production was disrupted due to strikes by actors and writers in the United States, as well as schedule changes.


The new release date for Mickey 17 will also allow the film to open immediately with IMAX screenings, which was not possible previously as other releases took up the available windows.



Mickey 17 is an adaptation of the novel Mickey 7 by Edward Ashton. In the book, Mickey is a clone used for dangerous work. But if he dies, it’s not a big deal, because you can make a new Mickey. At some point, Mickey 7 disappears and the heroes consider him dead. And when he returns and sees the new Mickey, it leads to unpredictable consequences.


Robert Pattinson played the main role in Mickey 17.


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