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The “Florida Joker” dropped his $10 million lawsuit against Rockstar and now dreams of voicing a character in GTA 6

Lawrence Sullivan, the man behind the viral Internet character “Florida Joker,” has once again reached out to the GTA 6 developers about an alleged parody of his character in the game. And this time he’s asking for collaboration on an expected hit.


Sullivan previously claimed that Rockstar Games and Take-Two stole his likeness for the GTA 6 debut trailer, demanding $1 million in compensation. He then dyed his hair purple, further resembling the game model, and threatened to release the GTA 6 hacker from prison, increasing his demands to $10 million.

However, now in a new video on TikTok, Sullivan has waived all legal claims and asked the companies for cooperation .

GTA, Rockstar, Take-Two, we need to talk. I won’t sue you anymore, but you’re still crazy.

Two months have passed. Two damn months! You still don’t contact me, don’t write to me. Let’s do it right – pay me 50, 100 thousand, let me voice a character, take me to meetings with fans. Let me help promote it.

Sullivan also claims that his big announcements “made the game more relevant.” Indeed, the first trailer for GTA 6 set viewing records last year, although the reasons are more likely due to the general popularity of the series. But Sullivan believes people want to play GTA 6 because he helped make it popular.


GTA 6 will be released in 2025 on PS5 and Xbox Series. A PC version has not yet been announced.


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