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The founder of Ridgeline Games has left the studio – the team is working on the campaign for the new Battlefield

Last week, a netizen under the nickname DANNYonPC noticed that Ridgeline Games founder and creative director Marcus Leito left the EA-owned company in February 2024.



The developer removed references to Ridgline Games on his social networks and also updated his LinkedIn profile. Leito did not comment on the reasons for his departure. The studio was founded in 2021 to develop the overall Battlefield narrative and produce the campaign story for the next installment in the series.

Users also noticed that co-founder and art director Chris Matthews has left Ridgeline Games. He indicated on his LinkedIn that he joined 343 Industries for a similar position.


Separately, DANNYonPC noted that there are currently no open vacancies on the Ridgeline Games website, suggesting that EA has decided to close the studio. Representatives of the publisher and Ridgeline Games do not comment on the situation.

In addition to DICE and Ridgeline Games, Criterion Games and Ripple Effect Studios (creators of Portal) are working on Battlefield. The latter is working on a third-party franchise project. The general manager of the franchise is Byron Beede (former Call of Duty boss), and the curator is Vince Zampella


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