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The fourth season of True Detective became the most watched in the entire anthology.

The Hollywood Reporter, citing research from Nielsen analysts and data from Warner Bros. Discovery writes that the fourth season of True Detective, subtitled Nightland, has become the most viewed in the entire anthology.


The show has reportedly averaged 12.7 million viewers across all platforms since its premiere on January 14. Before that, the leader was the first season, released ten years ago, with an average number of viewers of 11.9 million.

Most of Nightland’s viewing came from streaming. The first four episodes averaged 642,000 viewers at launch on HBO. On Max (formerly HBO Max), the numbers are more than twice as high.

The fifth episode of the new True Detective was released two days earlier due to the Super Bowl and has currently attracted 5 million viewers across all platforms. The final episode airs on February 18.

The main roles in the fourth “True Detective” were played by Jodie Foster and Kali Reyes. The showrunner is Issa Lopez. Critics praised the show, but ordinary viewers received it lukewarmly.


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