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The full version of Sons of The Forest has been released monk70 monk70

Sons of the Forest, the sequel to 2014’s The Forest, is an open-world survival horror game that sends players to a remote island where they face threats such as cannibals, unforgiving weather, and a constant battle against hunger. Instead of dictating challenges, the game empowers gamers who like to solve their own challenges, but also gives them the opportunity to play with other players in co-op mode.



Recommended gaming specs set a reasonable bar, with options like a GeForce GTX 1060/Radeon RX 570 for the bare minimum and a GTX 1080 Ti/RX 5700XT for recommended gameplay. At launch, the game received an important update to support AMD FSR3. This means that everyone can try the latest scaling technology, and also try frame generation if possible.


The price for the game is reasonable – 1100 rubles. The graphics look beautiful and the gameplay is solid. Sons of The Forest has already received a “very positive” response from the gaming community.


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