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The future of Xbox is uncertain, but Phil Spencer has assured employees that Microsoft will continue to produce consoles

While many are wondering if Microsoft is looking to exit the console market, Phil Spencer has reportedly assured employees that the company intends to continue making Xbox.


While the situation is still unclear, the future of PlayStation and Nintendo is looking a little brighter as various reports have surfaced that some Xbox exclusives could be released on rival platforms. It is still unclear which titles we are talking about – perhaps everything will be limited to Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of ​​Thieves, or maybe it will come to porting Starfield and Indiana Jones, which worries Xbox fans. Microsoft will host an event this week to share its vision for the future of Xbox.

Meanwhile, Inverse gaming editor-in-chief Shannon Liao at Substack reported that in a recent internal meeting at Xbox, Spencer informed employees that the company has no plans to stop making consoles, and Xbox will continue to be part of a cross-device strategy. This, of course, doesn’t shed much light on the overall strategy at this point, although given Xbox’s take on “play anywhere” games – i.e. Xbox, PC, phone, cloud – it’s not surprising that the company is considering bringing its flagship games to other platforms.

Obviously, if these changes happen, it will be a major shift in the console market. Although it’s too early to talk about the release of Halo on PS, it would be interesting to see such an “alternate reality.” Ultimately, the strategy that will make sense is one that guarantees big profits, since Microsoft has spent a lot over the past 5-6 years, buying up studios and publishers left and right. In total, Microsoft spent about $85-90 billion on purchases.



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