The Guardia di Finanza seizes 500 web resources and 40 Telegram channels of piracy


The world of piracy is always ready to evolve in order to allow users in different areas, to obtain products as they come for paying customers but without paying any kind of contribution, with operations that from time to time have a way thanks to various investigations to stop specific systems.

This time we speak specifically of the entity that has had the opportunity to seize over 500 piracy web resources , through its own analyzes, with specific redirects that confirmed the fact that everything had been temporarily blocked. The same goes for over 40 telegram channels of piracy , with an operation born later you have increased pirate flows due to the last day of the Serie A championship and the Conference League final.

Stefano Azzi , CEO of Dazn , commented the situation in this way:

We renew our full support to the Police Forces daily committed to countering the phenomenon of piracy that every year generates enormous damage to our country system, with a particular impact on the media and entertainment industry and on end customers. Piracy affects the entire world of Ott players, not just Dazn. As platforms and channels diversify, the methods of piracy are also changing. Dazn’s anti-piracy division and its partners are already working to stop thousands of instances through law enforcement, injunctions and continuous innovation to protect subscribers.

  • Pirated IPTV: Gdf seizes 500 Web resources, 40 Telegram channels (Ansa)


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