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The gunsmith of the western “Rust” was accused of drinking and smoking marijuana before the death of the cameraman

The trial in the case of the death of the operator of the western “Rast” Galina Hutchins continues. Earlier, the authorities temporarily dropped the charges against Alec Baldwin, after which gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reid also demanded that she be found not guilty.


However, prosecutors said they were not going to do so:

All Defendant Gutierrez had to do was shake each cartridge and make sure it rattled before inserting it into the gun, but she failed and killed the man. Moreover, the defendant Gutierrez had previously been convicted of providing the keys to his motorcycle to an intoxicated person who predictably got into an accident resulting in the death of a person.

Witnesses in this case will testify that Defendant Gutierrez drank heavily and smoked marijuana the night before the shooting. It is likely that defendant Gutiérrez was hungover when she inserted a live round into a gun that she knew would at some point be used by the actor while filming a scene with other cast and crew members.

As for Alec Baldwin, prosecutors have not yet decided whether to charge him with manslaughter. Everything will depend on the results of the examination of the revolver, which, according to the actor, fired himself.

Alec’s lawyers initially argued that the weapon had been destroyed and could not be used as evidence. However, after some time, they suddenly found out that the gun “was specially modified before firing”, and therefore could fire on its own. It is curious that all this time the weapon itself was in the possession of the FBI.


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