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The head of Ubisoft defended the $70 price tag of Skull and Bones, calling the game AAAA

Skull and Bones costs $70 or the equivalent, which is a lot for a title that resembles a service game: with an in-game store, battle passes, seasonal events and premium currency. But Ubisoft chief Yves Guillemot defended that price during the earnings call, calling the project an “AAAA game.”


Guiemo’s statement came in response to an analyst’s comment that such a high price “could conceivably limit the player base.”

You will see that this is a complete game. A very large-scale and full-fledged title. People will be able to appreciate all its depth and scale. So this is actually a AAA, no, even an AAA game that will pay off in the long run.

Guillemot’s reaction is expected. The very fact of the question about the price of Skull and Bones is interesting. There have been many such conferences over the years, and it is not often that the pricing policy of an individual title is announced in this way. General trends, like the growth of the free-to-play model or the phrase of the head of Capcom that “game prices are too low” – yes, but the question “Why did you set such a price?” – sounds like criticism.

Publicly, Ubisoft has high hopes for Skull and Bones. It is one of two “premium games” planned for Q4, along with Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. Guillemot said the game “has the potential to become the new long-term ‘game-service’.”

We will soon know whether these expectations will come true. Open beta testing is already underway, and Skull & Bones is scheduled to release on February 16th.



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