The human mind cannot stay awake after midnight


Negative thoughts during the night make you want to crave a cigarette or have a carbohydrate-rich meal. The human mind behaves differently at night when it is awake. After midnight , negative reflections have more appeal and inhibition falls away. Here some researchers move their hypothesis called “Mind After Midnight”. In practice, a thesis where the human body and mind have a natural 24-hour cycle that influences our emotions and our behavior.

During the day the brain is like a radio tuned to wakefulness, while at night our habit is to sleep. From an evolutionary point of view, humans once had a greater risk of becoming prey at night. Thanks to this reason, man is more attentive to negative stimuli during the night. If previously it could have been a help, now this hyper-concentration on the negative feeds an altered reward / motivation system. So as to make a person particularly prone to risk behaviors, to which is added the loss of sleep .

Scholars use two examples to illustrate their thesis. The first is a heroin addict who handles her cravings well by day, but not at night. The second example is a college student suffering from insomnia accumulating despair and loneliness from numerous sleepless nights. Thus, both cases can have a greater impact on nocturnal suicide and self -harm.


Suicide, previously inconceivable, emerges as an escape from loneliness and pain, and before the costs of suicide are considered, the student has acquired the means and is ready to act at a time when no one is awake to stop them.


Authors of the “Mind After Midnight” hypothesis

Furthermore, dangerous and illicit substances are taken in greater quantities at night. Some of these behaviors may have an explanation in nocturnal neurological changes . Studying these factors better will better protect those most at risk from being awake at night. For now, the mind , asleep or awake, after midnight remains a mystery.

  • The Human Mind Is Not Meant to Be Awake After Midnight, Scientists Warn (


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