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The largest mod site Nexus Mods celebrated 10 billion downloads and $7 million in payments to modders

Nexus Mods – the world’s largest modification site with the largest collections of mods for Skyrim, Fallout, The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077 and others – celebrated an important achievement. The site has recorded 10 billion total file downloads.


This is a staggering number, but what’s even more surprising is that it comes from a relatively small pool of mods and modders.

These 10 billion downloads are spread across 539,682 files created by an active community of 128,361 creators for 47 million contributors modding 2,683 different games.

In fact, a quick glance at the main Nexus Mods page indicates that more than half of these mods are created for Bethesda games alone: ​​regular and Special Edition Skyrim, Fallout 3, 4, New Vegas, as well as Oblivion and Morrowind – about 275,700 in total ( although, of course, many mods from regular Skyrim were later duplicated for SE, so not all are unique).

An impressive achievement and certainly a tribute to the PC and modding scene. To somehow understand the scale of the achieved number, Nexus carried out mathematical calculations.

If each load were a step, you could walk to the Moon 11 times, or climb the Seven Thousand Steps to High Hrothgar 4,161,464 times. Or, if each download took 1 second, it would take 317 years.


If we marked each load with a slice of pizza, those slices would be enough to cover Manhattan 15 times. I’m skeptical about this release because it’s a “slice of pizza.”

Nexus also cites less fantastic figures, namely $7 million in payments to mod authors through a donation points system and $300,000 in monthly royalties. It would be interesting to see a detailed breakdown of this data, since the vast majority of mods on the site have mere crumbs of downloads and barely get any attention. Accordingly, payments are concentrated only among a relatively small number of popular authors.


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