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The Last Epoch development team is investigating outages and login issues.

The release of Last Epoch 1.0 in 2024 was an unexpected success. Competing with Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2, the game has gained significant recognition on Steam. However, despite its success, the full release was not without some problems with the game’s servers. The developers at Eleventh Hour Games have acknowledged the problems and are working to fix them. Game director Kobler again shared his thoughts, noting that the team is actively investigating an increase in disconnections, scene transition gglitches, and login issues.


As with Helldivers 2, Last Epoch’s problems mostly stem from the high player count, which is a “good problem.” Since the launch of version 1.0, Last Epoch has been at the peak of its popularity, now boasting over 200,000 concurrent players on Steam glitches, and login issues.


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