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The Last of Us Part 1: All animations have been redone, confirms Naughty Dog


In The Last of Us Part 1 all the animations have been redone : it was revealed with a tweet by the lead animator Michal Mach who confirmed that the definitive version of the Naughty Dog masterpiece for PS5 and PC will boast the presence of animations redesigned with the latest technologies developed by the team.

I can’t wait for new and old players to try the final version of Part I. The latest animation technology,  all the animations redone – reads the tweet.

Obviously, the cutscenes will continue to be based on pre-recorded motion capture scenes, but in terms of gameplay we could see significant steps forward in terms of animation and realism.


In the last few hours Mach’s statements were also joined by those of Anthony Vaccaro, environment artist, who declared that The Last of Us is the first game in 13 years of his career that did not require crunch , a sign that the team has managed to perfectly manage working times.

We remind you that  the remake of The Last of Us will take advantage of all the features of the next generation Sony console: it will have modernized gameplay , evolved graphic effects, improved controls, expanded accessibility options and will include the Left Behind DLC. The Last of Us Part 1 will be available on PS5 from 2 September and will subsequently also arrive on PC.


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