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The Last of Us Part 1, developer defends the game: “It’s not a money-sucking operation”


Robert Morrison, a cinematic animator who worked on The Last of Us Part I , defended the game from accusations of being the result of a money-sucking operation, emphasizing the extreme quality of the project.

In truth it is one of the most meticulously conceived and executed projects I have ever seen or done in my life, ”said Morrison. “There is the highest level of care and attention to detail possible.

Following the announcement of The Last of Us Part 1, numerous controversies have sprung up on the web regarding the new makeover of the famous Naughty Dog masterpiece, considered by many merely as a money- sucking project , since it was placed at full price (approx. 80 euros) and that there is already a remastered for PS4 equally valid from a graphic point of view. The controversy prompted Morrison, who also worked on God of War (2018), Injustice 2 and Resident Evil 7, to intervene to clarify the issue once and for all.

We remind you that The Last of Us Part 1 will be available on PS5 from  2 September and subsequently will also arrive on PC. The Last of Us remake will have modernized gameplay , enhanced graphics effects, improved controls, expanded accessibility options, and will include the Left Behind DLC.


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