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The Last of Us Part 1 is shown in a long gameplay video


Naughty Dog has released a lengthy The Last of Us Part 1 gameplay video that introduces the different features of the long-awaited remake of the game on PS5. The original experience has been entirely rebuilt to take full advantage of the PS5’s potential to allow the game to achieve the visual fidelity the studio has always aspired to.

The powerful hardware of the PS5 allows for a number of visual benefits, from  more precise physics with tons of bumpables and chipables (bullets can now tear apart concrete and environmental objects) to the presence of more convincing animations and realistic, thanks to Motion Matching technology.

In addition, improvements in artificial intelligence make characters inhabit the world more authentically and realistically, such as allied characters navigating cover to avoid the view of enemy NPCs. Naughty Dog also explained that this version will also include a whole host of new features, including a “permadeath” mode, a speedrun-focused mode and a series of brand new unlockable costumes for Joel and Ellie. The game will also offer over 60 accessibility options , surpassing those found in The Last of Us Part II, and will include a new audio description mode.

Before leaving, we remind you that The Last of Us Part 1 will be available starting from 2 September 2022 for PS5 and later also for PC.

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