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The legendary RPG Maker XP for game development is available for free on Steam

While creating a game from scratch may seem daunting, dedicated tools make it easier for beginners to get started. Now, in celebration of the Gotcha Gotcha Games’ RPG Maker series, aspiring developers can get RPG Maker XP for free on Steam¬†and start creating their own JRPGs in the style of early Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy games.


RPG Maker XP, released back in 2005, has long been a favorite choice for those who want to create their own RPG. It was followed by a number of new editions for PC, the latest of which, RPG Maker MZ, was released relatively recently – in 2020.

RPG Maker XP is currently being given away for free as part of the RPG Maker 2024 event, which runs from February 12 to 19. Even though this version is almost two decades old, it still provides excellent tools for getting started developing your own RPGs and getting to know the basics of the genre.

Those who are not interested in working with the old version may be interested in discounts on newer editions like 50% on RPG Maker MZ or 85% on RPG Maker MV during the festival.


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