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The Machine Age expansion has been announced for Stellaris with an emphasis on cybernetics and synthetics

Paradox Interactive has unveiled The Machine Age, the next major expansion for its 4X space strategy game Stellaris. It will focus on the topics of cybernetics, synthetics and machines, and will be released in the second quarter of 2024.



Scientists have discovered advanced ways to communicate with machines, allowing life to transcend the biological limitations of mind and flesh. An era of technological greatness is dawning, but it raises new ethical and social dilemmas. In this time of unbridled ambition, new threats will emerge that challenge the very concept of life.

Paradox has revealed a new Endgame Crisis involving the return of an ancient synthetic threat, as well as a new Crisis Path focusing on technological supremacy at any cost.



In addition, the game will receive individualistic machine empires that are not related to Gestalt. They will have individual personalities, new stories and origins. Paradox is also promising three new Machine Ascension Paths for additional customization.


The Machine Age also introduces three new origins:


  • Cybernetic Creed – Your empire follows the path of a divine calling: the sacred fusion of the body and cybernetics. Augmentation equals worship


  • Synthetic Fertility – A new genetic disease renders your once successful empire unable to reproduce biologically. Digital salvation seems the only way to avoid extinction


  • Arc Welders (Welders of the Ark) – Hailing from a depleted world, a robotic society rushes into deep space for resources.


Also added to The Machine Age are portraits, 6 new civilian models, 2 new structures (arc furnace and Dyson Sphere), new traits and 7 new music tracks.


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