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The Meta Quest 2 will cost 100 euros more: from 349 € to 449.99 €


Meta will raise the price of some of its virtual reality headsets. We start with Meta Quest 2 , which starting from August 1st will cost an extra 100 dollars . The 128GB version will go from the current $ 299.99 to $ 399.99.

This is an extremely high rise, which can only be partially justified by inflation. The 256GB version will also increase by $ 100  flat  and, therefore, from 399.99 it will go to $ 499.99.

We are not talking about a restyling or a new version of the viewer. Consumers will have to pay $ 100 to get the exact same headset. Only the price changes.

The price increases not only concerning the United States of America. In these hours Meta has also announced the new prices for Europe and Italy: from 1 August it will go from the current 349 euros to 449.99 euros for the 128GB version. Same fate for the 256GB model, which will go from 449 to 549.99 euros . Again, the increase is € 100.99 on both models.

The company has announced that it has been forced to raise prices for a variety of reasons: in addition to inflation, the general increase in the costs of components and some raw materials also weighs. Selling the viewers at previous prices had long since become “economically unsustainable”.



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