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The mighty Bowser is the new Super Mario themed LEGO set: it is 32cm tall and “shoots fire”


The line of LEGO themed Super Mario products is enriched with the new set dedicated to Bowser , historical arch nemesis of the plumber of Italian origins. The box contains 2,807 pieces, once assembled Bowser measures 32cm in height and over 40cm in width. Needless to go around it, it is already one of the favorite LEGO sets of the Lega Nerd editorial staff.

How could it be otherwise? LEGO has managed to perfectly represent the massive size of the dragon of the iconic videogame saga. Despite being a set meant for the adult collector audience, LEGO designed it with playability needs in mind.

For example, it is possible to control the movement of Bowser’s head and neck thanks to a button located under his armor. You can open or close Bowser’s mouth at will, yeah, he also has the flamethrower, meaning he can fire bullets.

The mighty Bowser is the new Super Mario themed LEGO set: it is 32cm tall and "shoots fire"

The powerful Bowser rests on a base that reflects the design of his castle, next to the figure we also find two towers to be demolished. The set is compatible with the other products of the LEGO Super Mario line, therefore we find a hidden POW Block that allows it to interact with the Starter Packs.


The set of the mighty Bowser will be available starting October 1st, but soon you can already book it on the official LEGO website . The price? € 269.99.




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