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The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation wants to strengthen the fight against illegal distribution of films in cinemas

Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Sergei Obryvalin said that in Russia it is possible to strengthen legislation to combat the illegal distribution of films by departed companies in cinemas.



Nowadays, Hollywood releases are shown without a rental certificate under the guise of “pre-show service.” Obryvalin said that protocols are now being drawn up for cinemas, but this is not enough.


We are drawing up protocols, it’s just that while we are drawing up protocols, this is also time (…) the first protocol is a fine, the second is a fine, and only with the third fine, theoretically, can the cinema be closed. And while you and I are drawing up the second fine, the movie has already been withdrawn from distribution, 2-3 weeks have passed. Yes, the legislation probably needs to be strengthened, we completely agree, such things need to be prohibited.

Russian Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova noted that pirated film distribution is “our common painful topic”, which “needs to be monitored and caught” by unscrupulous cinemas.



Previously, Lyubimova said that after the second and third fines for illegal distribution, cinemas should be closed.

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