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The Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation will introduce a bill obliging Apple to allow third-party application stores

Minister Maksut Shadayev, in an interview with Kommersant , said that the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation plans to introduce a bill at the spring session of the State Duma that will oblige Apple to open its phones for installing applications from third-party stores.



The agency developed a bill obliging Apple to allow the installation of applications from third-party sources back in April 2023. The measure is similar to the Digital Markets Act, which recently came into force in the EU.


Meanwhile, Anton Gorelkin, a member of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy , wrote that a preliminary agreement with Apple has already been reached.



The activity of the Ministry of Digital Development is associated with the appearance of the iOS version of RuStore, which can afford the financial conditions dictated by Apple. According to my information, a preliminary agreement with the Americans has already been reached: this option gives them the opportunity to remain on the Russian market in the medium term.

The initiative was announced against the backdrop of the removal of developments from Russian sanctioned companies, mainly banks, from the Apple and Google mobile application stores. All owners of mobile systems, device manufacturers and store operators will be subject to regulation; they will have to ensure that all applications are installed on equal terms.


Experts say that Russian regulators have few mechanisms to force Apple to comply with changing legal requirements, but the company continues to comply with decisions of courts and supervisory authorities and pays fines


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