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The Ministry of Economic Development has developed a bill for labeling and classification of games in the Russian Federation

Izvestia learned that the Ministry of Economic Development has developed a bill providing for mandatory labeling and classification of video games on the territory of the Russian Federation.



According to the idea, games should be assigned one or more categories (for example, a video game containing images or descriptions of violence, scenes of physical, psychological violence, swear words and expressions).


To inform users, it is suggested that a category mark or text warning be posted regarding potentially objectionable content. Where exactly – inside or on the packaging – is not specified.



The purpose of the innovation is to inform users about the features of game content to ensure the psychological safety of citizens, according to the document of the Ministry of Economic Development.


The existing system of age ratings, although it forms the minimum safety requirements for information products, does not always provide enough guidance for consumers on the right choice, including when it comes to choosing computer games for children.


Head of the “Public Consumer Initiative” Oleg Pavlov


Last summer it was said that the burden of content labeling of games in Russia would fall on the shoulders of manufacturers and distributors .


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