The most comprehensive exercise has begun, is it a rehearsal for the invasion of Taiwan?

The Chinese army made test fires with explosive-laden missiles in the Taiwan Strait, one of the world’s busiest shipping routes, which is critical especially for chip supply. There are concerns that the wargame might trigger a real conflict.

China has launched its largest ever exercise around the island, following the controversial visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi To Taipei. Beijing Views Pelosi’s Visit To Taiwan , which it has denied independence, a violation of sovereignty. Yesterday, Chinese warships and planes approached the island within a range of only 20 km. The Chinese Army also launched 11 “Dongfeng” ballistic missiles into the Taiwan Strait. In the statement made by the army, it was said, “Precision shots were made in certain areas in the east of the Taiwan Strait and the expected results were obtained.” While the traces of the bullets flying in the air can be seen with the naked eye from the Taiwan coast, tourists on the Chinese side watched the military helicopters flying over the beach.



The island of 23 million is the largest exporter of chips, which are indispensable for almost all electronic devices from mobile phones to cars. Moreover, in the first 7 months of the year, almost half of all container ships in the world passed through the Taiwan Strait, which provides access to both Chinese and Taiwanese ports. Taiwan’s maritime and port authorities warned ships to avoid exercise areas with statements made yesterday. According to Taipei, the exercise affected voyages on 18 trade routes used by ships. On the other hand, flights to Taiwan were suspended due to the exercise. It is stated that at least 40 flights were affected by the cancellations. The war game that continues on one of the busiest trade routes in the world,

The most comprehensive exercise has begun, is it a rehearsal for the invasion of Taiwan?


China made the statement that “this exercise is necessary in the face of the provocations of the USA”. The United States, on the other hand, announced that the USS Reagan aircraft carrier, which Pelosi sent as a precautionary measure, will stay in the region and continue to monitor the situation. China’s extensive exercise around Taiwan is seen more as a possible invasion preparation than a war game. According to experts, Beijing is rehearsing to block outside access to Taiwan in case of war. However, there are those who do not agree with this possibility. Pointing out that the Chinese economy is more open to global influences than Russia, economists think that it is unlikely that Beijing will escalate the crisis and cause a conflict. Under the pressure of rising energy and food costs, China is not expected to take steps to worsen conditions.



Pelosi, who caused tension with China by going to Taiwan, declined to comment on this issue in her last stop in South Korea. Commenting that she avoided escalating the tension, Pelosi did not mention the Taiwan issue at the press conference she held after meeting with South Korean Parliament Speaker Kim Jin Pyo. Both names did not take questions from journalists.


Meanwhile, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, who is on vacation, did not meet Pelosi face-to-face during his visit. Instead, a phone conversation took place between the two. Opposition parties reacted to the fact that the delegation from the allied America was not accepted by the president and that there was no official welcome at the airport. There were also allegations in the local media that the South Korean leader avoided meeting with Pelosi in order not to increase tensions with China. 


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