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The number of concurrent players on Palworld on Steam fell by 1.3 million in two weeks – the largest drop in the history of the platform

The number of concurrent players in Palworld, a game from the Pocketpair studio that combines the genres of survival and simulation, fell sharply after release, which may indicate that the gaming audience is beginning to stabilize. The peak number of players has dropped by more than 1.3 million, while the total number of active players is still comfortably in the hundreds of thousands.


With 12 million players on Steam and 7 million on Game Pass, Palworld was an instant massive success. The game also topped Steam’s top sales for some time and even reached 2 million concurrent players on Valve’s platform alone.

On Saturday, January 27th, Palworld peaked at 2,101,867 concurrent players. And on Saturday, February 11, according to SteamDB, this figure dropped to 757,508. In two weeks, the game lost about 1,344,359 players. This is the largest two-week decline in the platform’s history. Palworld started incredibly high, so the drop is expected, but in two weeks it’s remarkable.

Sooner or later Palworld had to “return to earth.” It’s unlikely that the game could stay at 1.5-2 million players forever. And when the situation finally stabilizes, the average daily number of players will still be impressive.

PUBG had a peak of over 3 million players in 2018 and is still hovering around 500,000 active players. The difference with Palworld is that while it lost 1.3 million active users in two weeks, PUBG took about four months to lose the same number.


Only five games have ever reached 1.3 million concurrent players on Steam. Lost Ark had a similar peak, but took months to drop to 50k a day.

It is worth remembering that we are only talking about Steam – Palworld is also available on Xbox and Game Pass, it’s just that the numbers can only be tracked on the Valve platform.

Palworld already has the next updates and early access roadmap planned, so now it’s up to the Pocketpair team to continue supporting the game and listening to players to keep them interested.



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