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The PlayStation 6 is planned to be the most powerful console of the generation, and the PS5 Pro has already begun shipping

Sony intends to make the PlayStation 6 the most productive console of its generation and is ready to spend as much time as necessary on this. This became known from a new video from the RedGaming Tech channel.


The video provides details not only about Sony’s next console, but also about the PlayStation 5 Pro, the proposed upgrade for the current generation. Although nothing has been announced about it yet, apparently, the console is indeed preparing for release, since studios are already receiving devkits. It’s not 100% confirmed yet, as hardware is often cancelled, but development kits sent out hint that Sony will release an improved PS5, likely later this year.

As for the PlayStation 6, it has been in the works for about a year now, but specifications like processor and RAM have not been finalized. Sony is now consulting with studios to finalize the console, which will almost certainly be based on AMD technology – this is the only option the company is considering, according to the source. For the PlayStation 5, by the way, various suppliers were discussed, including NVIDIA, before settling on AMD.


Sony is reportedly focusing on ray tracing, especially sophisticated path tracing techniques, machine learning and AI to improve NPC interactions.


Since the PS6 release is a long way off and the PS5 Pro hasn’t even been announced, reports should be taken with caution.


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