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The premiere date for the film “Alien: Romulus” from the director of “Evil Dead: The Black Book” has become known.


The next part of the cult sci-fi horror series “ Alien ” will be released this summer,  on August 16 , and will bear the official title “ Alien : Romulus ”. The film was directed and co-written by Federico Alvarez, known for the horror films Evil Dead: The Black Book and Don’t Breathe , and Ridley Scott served as producer.


Previously, actress Cailee Spaeny said that the events of the new “Alien” will unfold between the first and second films. In addition to this, the team that worked on the James Cameron film took part in the design of the xenomorphs.

The main roles in “Romulus” were played by Cailee Spaeny (“The Craft: A New Ritual”), Isabela Merced (“Dora and the Lost City”), David Johnson (“Street of Rye”), Archie Reno (“Shadow and Bone”), Spike Fern (“My Sunshine”) and Eileen Wu. 

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