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The Quarry, patch 1.05 available: all the details of the update


The Quarry is updated with the arrival of patch 1.05 which introduces several improvements, including a new difficulty level for Quick Time Events and new settings for the subtitle language. The new update in fact allows you to set a minimum timer to increase the level of difficulty of the QTEs.

With this new option, every QTE will require lightning fast reflexes and every second will make a difference. Even a single moment of hesitation could lead to a horrible death. Furthermore, the “minimum timer” setting is only available in single player and can be activated from the Settings in the main menu, by selecting “Accessibility” and setting the QTE speed to the minimum value.

Finally, the patch also introduces the possibility of playing using dubbing in the original language and with subtitles in another language. This new option can be activated by selecting the “Enable English dialogs” option under “Audio” in the Settings, reachable from the main menu.

In our  review of The Quarry  we described the game as “ A well-structured and interesting horror adventure with a good degree of replay value. A perfect game if you want to sink your head into a series b horror but with fun gameplay. 

The Quarry is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC.



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