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The Reacher star would love to play Batman in the new DC film universe

Alan Ritchson, best known for his role as Jack Reacher in the TV series of the same name, visited the Post Cred Podcast. During the conversation, he was informed that some fans would like to see the actor play the role of Batman in the new DC cinematic universe. As it turned out, Alan himself was also not averse to playing this character:



The fact that people want me to play Batman is a huge honor for me. This is one of the first characters I fell in love with as a child. For me, even the talk or rumors around this role… All I can do is laugh. This is crazy to me, but I would love to. I would love to play him.


This is not the first time for Alan to play DC superheroes. One of his first roles was Aquaman in the TV series Smallville. He also played Hawk in the show Titans.



In any case, the future performer of the role of Batman has not yet been named. So Alan still has hope.


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