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The Starfield player surprised the community with the neat decoration of his home

Starfield player, known under the nickname Imaginary-Rent-4200, shared screenshots of his space home, noting that he plays differently than everyone else. Unlike other gamers who spend their time fighting and exploring, this player focuses on collecting and carefully placing small items to make his home more cozy and realistic.


In screenshots, he showed how it all begins – from a pile of trash on the floor, to neatly placed objects on shelves, tables and other surfaces.


The user shows off various finds, including a neon Sky Suite glass holder that requires careful placement, a cobbled-together blender, and a detailed kitchen with lots of little bits and bobs.

As the author notes, the Starfield engine is much more stable than previous Bethesda games, and the junk can withstand even the presence of partners. True, he still does not recommend taking them into a richly decorated house, since due to the cramped space they may ram their way through.


In the comments, users admire the author’s patience, and some share their own experiences and decorating tips. For example, to prevent objects from falling into surfaces, they are advised to reload the location.


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