The Tianzi Mountains in China have inspired Avatar


The Tianzi Mountains are a breathtaking sight that absolutely must be visited. They are mountains located in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park , in China , in the province of Hunan. The natural setting is so suggestive that it inspired the film Avatar , box office champion in 2009. Very high peaks, sandstone formations of columns and pinnacles that seem to hold up the sky immersed in a fog. The latter makes everything magically suspended between heaven and earth. This fog is present 200 days a year.

Become fully part of the Unesco World Heritage Site , cover 67 square km in the nature reserve. Their highest peak reaches up to 1260 meters. The peaks are surrounded by lush and dense vegetation with bridges, caves, forests and waterfalls. A true landscape that appears out of this world, where the floating and suspended mountains could only inspire a surreal landscape for a film.

For those who love adventure there is the highest external lift in the world. It is called Bailong, it is 326 meters and takes tourists to the top. Its lower half is inserted into the mountain and an upper one formed by an exposed steel tower. It can carry 50 passengers to the top in less than two minutes. In addition, there is no shortage of cable cars at a height of 700 meters. The ideal time to enjoy the show are the months of April, May, September and October, with a temperature of about 12 degrees. Unfortunately, the blue men of Avatar will be missing, but otherwise there is really everything to make the experience unique.



  • Zhangjiajie National Forest Park: the suspended and floating mountains of Mount Tianzi inspired the alien landscapes


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