The volume of leaks of personal data of Russians grew by 40 times


The volume of personal data of Russians, which came into open access, has grown 40 times, follows from the analytical report of the Group-IB company, which Izvestia has read. According to experts, between July 2021 and June 2022, hackers stole 970.5 million lines of personal data records. For the same period a year earlier, 24 million lines of records were leaked to the Web.

“Nearly 823 million rows relate to the February leak of the CDEK delivery service database. But even without taking into account these figures, the amount of compromised data will be impressive – 147.5 million lines, which is six times more compared to the previous period, ”the company’s press service noted.

The multiple growth is caused by “the current global crisis and the increased interest of hackers in the publication of databases of Russian companies and websites,” the study says.


“A number of attackers pursue monetary interest in such publications, but the vast majority want to cause reputational or economic damage to both business and the country as a whole,” Group-IB noted.

“If we take into account only unique data, about 100 million records were compromised in total. But this is still a lot – in fact, two-thirds of the country’s population suffered. This is due primarily to the cyber war unleashed against Russia. Under the gun were large infrastructures – large retailers, state-owned enterprises covering, without exaggeration, the whole country (for example, Russian Post), the service sector – this is where this explosive growth comes from, ”an expert from the Dozor Product Center commented to Izvestia on the results of the study“ RTK-Solar” Ruslan Dobrynin.


According to experts, in 2023 the intensity of hacker attacks will increase.

“Attack analysis suggests that attackers will develop new tools and use solutions that are difficult to recognize and detect,” the authors of the Group-IB study state.

The volume of leaks of personal data of Russians grew by 40 times
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