The world is now talking about the Langya virus

While the world has not yet fully recovered from the coronavirus epidemic, scientists have now announced that the Langya (LayV) virus has been detected in eastern China.

It is stated that there is no loss of life yet due to the Virus detected in 35 people in the Henan and Shandong regions of eastern China , where the coronavirus first appeared . Experts believe that the virus may have been transmitted from mice to humans. The virus, which has not yet been proven to spread among humans, manifests itself with symptoms of fever, cough, loss of appetite and fatigue.



In the study published in the academic New England Journal of Medicine on the virus, it was stated that the first human case was detected in 2019, while it was stated that the virus was most common in shrews, and it was previously found in dogs and goats. It was stated in the study that most of the 35 cases in question were farmers, while some cases were factory workers. It was stated that as a result of the examinations carried out among 15 close contact family members of 35 cases, no data were obtained regarding the transmission of the virus from person to person, but the sample group was too limited to make a definitive judgment. A member of the research team, Duke-NUS Faculty of Medicine Prof. Wang Linfa also stated that the Langya cases have not been “fatal and very serious” so far and that “there is no situation to cause panic”.


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