The world is talking about Abdulhamid Han… ‘Ottoman’ emphasis from the US press

The Abdülhamid Han Ship, of which there are only 5 in the world and one of which is in Turkey, set off towards the target indicated by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The world press gave wide coverage to this development.

The World is talking about Turkey And The Abdulhamid Han Ship…


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan bid farewell to the Abdülhamid Han Ship for drilling to the Yörükler 1 well in the Eastern Mediterranean.

International news agents shared the developments with their subscribers every second.

Al Jazeera presented this development to its readers with the title ‘Turkey resumed natural gas exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean’.

In the news, President Erdoğan’s speech at the ceremony was given wide coverage and it was emphasized that the route was announced by Erdoğan.


Abdulhamid Khan speaks to the world... Ottoman emphasis from the US press


The US-based ABC News news shared with its readers that “The President of Turkey launched the country’s newest and largest submarine hydrocarbon drilling vessel on Tuesday.”

In the news that included Erdoğan’s words ‘We do not need permission or approval from anyone’, the following statements were included;

“Turkey’s other drilling vessels Fatih, Kanuni and Yavuz operate in the Black Sea, where Turkey has discovered natural gas reserves. All four ships were named after the Ottoman sultans.

The Brussels Times reported with the headline ‘Turkey continues offshore drilling for oil and gas’.


Abdulhamid Khan speaks to the world... Ottoman emphasis from the US press


In the news, it was said about this step of Turkey;

‘Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has launched a new oil and gas exploration campaign, emphasizing that it is being conducted off the coast of Turkey and in its own waters’

Saudi Arabian-based Al Arabiya presented the news with the headline ‘Two years later, the Turkish drill ship began operations outside the disputed Mediterranean waters’.

German DW also included Erdogan’s words, “We don’t need permission or approval from anyone,” and announced to its readers that the ship has started its mission.

Chinese news agency Xinhua announced this development with the headline ‘Turkey’s fourth research ship sails to the east of the Mediterranean’.


Abdulhamid Khan speaks to the world... Ottoman emphasis from the US press



The ship’s official inauguration had widespread repercussions in Greece. The Greek press presented this development to its readers in the first headline.

CNN Greece commented that ‘Erdogan made a show of strength’ for the ceremony where the ship was commissioned. The following statements were included in the article;

‘Recep Tayyip Erdogan, showing strength, flew over the ship with the Presidential helicopter and posted this photo on Twitter.’

Another Greek newspaper, Kathimerini, which gave the news in its first headline, saw the embarkation of the ship with the emphasis of Erdoğan.


Abdulhamid Khan speaks to the world... Ottoman emphasis from the US press


The following statement was included in the news titled ‘Turkey has sent a new drilling ship to the Mediterranean’;

‘Erdogan announced that Turkey’s fourth floating drilling rig is on its way to the Yörükler-1 field, 55 kilometers south of the region.’

In the news that included Erdogan’s statements, it was underlined that Turkey published NAVTEX shortly after.

Ta Nea presented the news to its readers with the title ‘Abdülhamid Han Started Working’.

“The route of the fourth Turkish drilling rig Abdulhamid Han was announced by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan,” the report said.


Abdulhamid Khan speaks to the world... Ottoman emphasis from the US press



Abdülhamid Han, who will serve as the ‘strongest’ of the fleet in ‘Blue Vatan’ with its technical equipment and physical features, has the distinction of being Turkey’s fourth drilling ship and the world’s fifth largest ship after Fatih, Kanuni and Yavuz.

The ship, which has the seventh generation technology, has a length of 238 meters and a width of 42 meters.

The ship, which has an active positioning system with double turrets, has a crew capacity of 200, and has the ability to drill up to 12,200 meters, was sent off to its first mission from Taşucu Port with a ceremony yesterday, with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, after the final preparations were completed.


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