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The Xpeng G7 is the electric car with the fastest charging in the world: 200Km of autonomy in 5 minutes


Tesla has something to shake, the fastest charging belongs to a Chinese car. The Xpeng G9 is the latest electric SUV from the Chinese company of the same name. It has 480kW charging power and 800V SiC architecture. The vehicle can achieve 200km of range in just 5 minutes, much less than you need to recharge your smartphone.

Xpeng has every reason in the world to be able to boast, and in its statement it does: “our Xpeng G9 is the electric car available on the market with the fastest charging in the world”. The SUV is not designed exclusively for the Chinese market, but will also arrive in selected European countries. In Italy the brand is still completely new, but soon the Xpeng vehicles will appear in the Netherlands and Sweden. In Norway it is already present with the G7 sedan.

The watchword is technology: the interiors look like those of a spaceship. There is a Dynaudio Confidence sound system with 28 speakers, a 3D user interface and a dual 15-inch screen with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip.

The SUV is equipped with X-Pilot 4.0 , a suite of advanced ADAS that offer assisted driving and adaptive cruise control. All thanks to 31 LiDAR sensors, a double NVIDIA chip and a computing power of up to 508 TOPS.

As for performance, the two electric motors deliver the equivalent of 550CV with a maximum torque of 771 Nm. Just enough to shoot from 0 to 100Km / h in three seconds flat. Total autonomy? 702Km. You can do Milan – Rome without ever having to recharge. Indeed, another 200km of autonomy advance.



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