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There’s renewed excitement around a future No Man’s Sky update following Sean Murray’s “Ω” tweet.

Sean Murray, co-founder of the British studio Hello Games, recently posted a mysterious Omega symbol on his Twitter. Teasers like these from Murray in recent years have almost always foreshadowed the imminent announcement of a major update for No Man’s Sky, which was released in 2016.


No Man’s Sky is a sandbox set in outer space with procedurally generated planets. The game simulates a universe that includes more than 18 quintillion (18,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) unique planets.

The game is aimed at fantasy lovers and explorers, offering relaxing gameplay accompanied by a well-chosen musical soundtrack. After a disastrous release in 2016, the game changed dramatically thanks to many large-scale free updates, turning into a reference example of the successful rebirth of the project.

Given Murray’s reputation and penchant for cryptic announcements, it makes sense that the release of the Omega symbol would cause quite a stir in the No Man’s Sky community. Many fans are already trying to guess what innovations this cryptic hint hides behind it.

Although at this stage any assumptions are purely speculative, there is no doubt that Hello Games is definitely preparing another surprise for fans of No Man’s Sky.


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