This is how the murderers of the Turkish diplomat are sought ‘Recognition of this voice should apply to the police’

The Australian police released the ‘voice message’ of the woman who claimed responsibility for the attack to find the killers of Consul General Şarık Arıyak and attaché Engin Sever, who were killed in Sydney 40 years ago.

Şarık Arıyak , 50, and Engin Sever , 28, Security Attaché , were shot dead on 17 December 1980 in Dover Heights as they were leaving their home to go to work. The police, who reopened the file on the murder of the diplomat in 2019, released the phone call recording of a woman who called a media outlet shortly after the murder of the duo yesterday and claimed responsibility for the assassination on behalf of the ‘Armenian Genocide Justice Commandos’.



There is hope that the one-minute recording may provide new clues to the unsolved murders. “Turkish institutions are our target,” the woman on the phone says. Police are asking for help deciphering the words spoken after the ‘authors of…’ section. Deputy Commissioner Mark Walton of the Counter-Terrorism and Special Tactics unit urged the public to listen carefully to the recording, asking for assistance in identifying the owner of the audio recording.


Australian police also reminded that a reward of 1 million Dollars was put for solving the murder . Police divers had swept the Sydney Harbor floor for “items of interest” in August 2020, after the case was reopened. The Armenian terrorist organization ASALA had attacked Turkish and other civilian and diplomatic targets, including Turkey, between 1975 and 1994. While it was thought that ASALA was behind this attack, no one was arrested, prosecuted or sentenced.




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