This is what happens when two ships collide in Helldivers 2

You’d think that with the sheer amount of space in orbit in Helldivers 2, it would be extremely difficult for two super destroyers to collide with each other. Sure, we might see a bunch of ships “floating” next to each other before landing on the planet, but one would assume that the brave pilots of Super-Earth are well trained enough to avoid collisions with each other. Apparently not.

On the Helldivers 2 subreddit, a player shared a moment in which his ship was heading straight towards another player’s ship, capturing the process of the two ships “colliding.” Unfortunately, if you’re expecting massive explosions, you’ll be disappointed.

The ships simply pass through each other, as if the second ship were a hologram. The player simply stands still, passing through metal walls and one of the ship’s massive engines, before emerging on the other side completely unharmed.

There is also no crew of the ship – which is quite logical, since the game makes no sense to render interiors and characters on all sides. A common optimization solution.

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