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“This is why GTA 6 takes forever to develop”: a user showed an example of amazing development in Rockstar’s RDR 2

Despite the fact that the video presented in this news is not the latest, the video itself, for some reason, turned out to be not very popular in the Russian segment, and information about it only came to light now, more than a year after its release.



User D3ADSH0T showed an example of the amazing design of Red Dead Redemption 2from Rockstar Games : The video shows the process of attaching rails to sleepers in the game. Unlike other games, where almost certainly the NPC would just stand in place and endlessly drive the same rivet with the same animation, the developers from Rockstar approached this matter with the utmost seriousness and showed the real hard work of a railway worker: how with every blow Using a sledgehammer, the rivet gradually enters the fastening, eventually securing the rails, after which the worker moves on to the next rivet.


This video shows how much effort Rockstar puts into developing their games. Despite the fact that at the time of publication of the video, users believed that the development of Grand Theft Auto VIwill take forever, in reality, since then the game has already received an announcement and a release date planned for 2025 – next year Rockstar will have the opportunity to surprise us again with the development of its worlds.


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