This NUCA camera turns all portraits into nudes

NUCA is a camera that “seeks to provoke and question the current trajectory of generative AI in body imaging,” while using AI to automatically nude any person it photographs in just 10 seconds—faster than a Polaroid.


Created as a “design and art project” by Matthias Wef and Benedikt Gross, NUCA is a fully functional prototype that demonstrates how easily AI can be used to create nude images of any person from a single photo without permission. This problem has existed since 2019, when the first stripping deepfakes appeared.

The NUCA prototype is a 3D printed camera that sends the captured image to a server. There, a custom AI model analyzes the characteristics of the object (gender, age, race, etc.) to generate a request. This request is submitted to Stable Diffusion along with a model from Civitai to create a nude image. The open-source face replacement tool then adds the original person’s face to the AI-generated body. The whole process takes about 10 seconds.

This camera turns all portraits into nudesAlthough the results are not always perfect, they are often convincing. The project’s creators deliberately designed NUCA’s promotional materials to mimic advertisements for consumer gadgets, although they do not plan to sell the camera as an actual product. Instead, NUCA will be exhibiting at the Uncanny exhibition in Berlin on June 29th.


Wef and Gross expect mixed reactions to the project, with some finding it shocking and others finding it funny or intriguing. However, the point of the project is clear: NUCA highlights the ease with which AI can be used to distort reality in unpleasant ways.

The developers believe that the unique approach of this art project can lead to fruitful discussions regarding AI.


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