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This retro gothic co-op shooter looks great on an old CRT monitor

Indie developer ynoham, aka Ryan Mahoney, is working on Gunmetal Gothic, a nostalgic ’90s-inspired co-op 3D shooter that’s perfect for running on an ancient CRT screen.



Recently, ynoham demonstrated how Gunmetal Gothic looks on a real old TV by running the build on a laptop via an HDMI-AV adapter. This isn’t the first time a developer has shown a game at an almost native CRT resolution of 4:3:

If you’re tired of modern games with hyper-realistic graphics, but are frustrated by the compatibility issues and dated gameplay of some true retro games, this title could be a great way to go old-school.


In Gunmetal Gothic, you take on the role of the Hermit, the last line of defense for the survivors of a city overrun by enemies from another dimension. You can explore this gloomy world and fight mechanical creatures alone or in the company of up to three friends.



Main features of Gunmetal Gothic:


Explore and fight in the city of Vestige solo or with up to four players


Choose gear, sacrificing some parameters for others for a variety of builds


Unlock new equipment as you progress and upgrade it with materials from the game world


Achieve a high score by destroying enemies, collecting items and quickly completing stages


Get nostalgic with retro 3D styling reminiscent of late 90s consoles


The developer places an emphasis on personalization in the game with options to improve your character’s equipment.

The release date has not yet been announced, but below you can see a compilation of the current gameplay:


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