TikTok could add AI avatars to create ads

TikTok is planning to add an AI content creator feature to its platform that could compete with sponsored ads created by real influencers. TikTokers tensed up.

According to The Information , TikTok is developing virtual influencers to promote and sell products on the platform. AI avatars will be able to read advertising texts generated based on prompts from advertisers or sellers in TikTok Shop.

Sources tell The Information that TikTok employees have already tested AI avatars, but concluded that they are not ready for release and attract fewer sales than real influencers. However, TikTok believes that AI creators will complement, not replace, real content creators.

It’s unclear how TikTok plans to distribute sponsorship revenue between virtual and live influencers on the platform or what will happen to advertising contracts in the future. Many TikTokers make money from advertising brands, especially after the platform closed its $1 billion Creator Fund, which, according to some users, was already paying them too little. TikTok will have to figure out how to implement this feature without antagonizing the influencers who make hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting all sorts of products to their audience, from clothing to gadgets and cosmetics.

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