TikTok: New data reveals it will take down Facebook this year


While Instagram backtracks on its choices since it was homologating to TikTok , in the meantime new information from analysts at Insider Intelligence (formerly called eMarketer) seems to reveal the future of many famous social networks.

The data seem to confirm the open challenge between Instagram and TikTok , with the latter ready to eat the road that separates him from the summit, and the former who continues well in his work, collecting mind-boggling figures. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said of Facebook : according to the data collected, in fact, TikTok should be able to overcome Zuckerberg’s social network by this year.

There is no peace even for YouTube , which instead seems to be next on the list of targets, given that by 2024 it should be overtaken by TikTok. At the moment, YouTube is worth $ 948 million spent on influencer marketing, while Facebook is at $ 739 million. TikTok currently stands at $ 774.8 million, a figure that makes it very close to its competitors.

Taking a second off the competitive data, it seems that reports estimate that 74.5% of American marketers will use influencer marketing in 2022, a market whose spending will rise by 27.8% to 4.99 billion this year.




  • TikTok to overtake Facebook in influencer marketing spend this year, YouTube by 2024 (


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