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TikTok will offer more transparency on the platform and moderation system


The company is developing a search API to improve access to public and anonymised data about content and activities on its app, and it says researchers currently don’t have an easy way to evaluate content or conduct tests on its app. platform. The company plans to make API access available to selected researchers by the end of the year.

TikTok has also developed a moderation system API which it plans to make available this fall in its virtual hub of the Center for Transparency and Accountability, the moderation system API will provide selected researchers with a way to evaluate moderation systems. TikTok content and review existing content on the app. Additionally, researchers will be able to upload their own content to see how different types of content are allowed, denied, or passed to moderators for further evaluation.

TikTok will allow independent experts on access to the U.S. Content Advisory Council API, along with access to confidential information, such as keyword lists, which are used to detect and report potentially infringing content, the company says these changes will give experts the opportunity to conduct more in-depth analysis. Finally, TikTok will publish insights into the covert influence operations it identifies and removes from its platform globally in its quarterly community guidelines enforcement reports.

Vanessa Pappas , chief operating officer of TikTok, said in a blog post:

These initiatives are well underway and will be launched in the coming months this year. We will update on our progress as we continue to innovate when it comes to being transparent and accountable




  • TikTok will provide select researchers with more transparency about its platform and moderation system (TechCrunch)


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