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Todd Howard: Starfield looks great on Xbox Series S

The head of Bethesda, Todd Howard, during a recent interview dedicated to Starfieldtalked about what platform he prefers to play his own title on. The choice of the developer fell on the Xbox Series S.


Why not Xbox Series X? It’s simple – Howard has kids who occupy the console, so he has to play a space RPG on Series S. And, by the way, it looks great even on a junior console:

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have been with me since they came out. I put the Series X in the basement along with a big 4K TV. My kids don’t let me near the console because they play all the time. So my Xbox Series S is on top and I play through it. The game looks great.

Starfield releases September 2 on PC and Xbox Series X/S. From the start, the title will be included in the Game Pas library.


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