Traditional taxis can now be booked with the Uber app: the multinational teams up with Radiotaxi 3570


From today it will be possible to book taxi rides for the Radiotaxi 3570 Cooperative using the Ube r app. For the moment the partnership concerns exclusively Rome, but the already announced goal is to export this partnership to other Italian cities as well.

There are over 3,700 taxis of the cooperative active in Rome . While Uber claims the centrality of its application within the capital: over the last three months the app has been used about 2 million times by tourists and residents. Important numbers, which will now also flow into traditional taxis. Clearly, Uber will take a percentage on each ride.

Simply open the Uber app in Rome and then select the destination and the type of service you intend to use: NCC or, precisely, the 3570 taxis. Payments are made by credit card and debit card, always on the application.

It is an additional tool, considering that the agreement with Uber does not replace the It-Taxi app, which could already be used to book rides from smartphones.

This launch will allow the capital to take a major step forward in urban mobility. Today we confirm our commitment to work alongside taxis, to create synergies and growth opportunities that can be an example for the entire sector, but above all to offer people an increasingly accessible, transparent and reliable service.


commented Lorenzo Pireddu , general manager of Uber Italy.


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